Bajaj Capital Improves Customer Responsiveness

Bajaj Capital Improves Customer Responsiveness

Bangalore: The financial services industry has undergone unprecedented growth in the last few years resulting in rapid growth of data used and stored. Consequently, this resulted in tremendous pressure on existing storage systems. As one of India's largest distributors of financial products, Bajaj Capital was looking for reliable storage solutions that would keep pace with their growing business needs.

Thanks to this quick growth phase, Bajaj Capital met the projected data growth target for its existing storage system in half the predicted time. In addition to escalating performance issues and delays, the cost of storage was skyrocketing due to the reliance on expensive disks for inactive and infrequently accessed data. This led to Bajaj Capital exploring storage solutions that were scalable and enable the business to comply with regulations related to management and storage of data. Dell's Compellent tiered architecture that allowed categorizing data according to usage was the right fit for the company.

Achieving a seven-fold improvement in processing speed with a virtualized storage solution, the Dell solution included using Dell Compellent SC8000 Storage Center Controller and Dell Compellent SC200 expansion enclosures along with Dell Compellent Data Progression and Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager software.

Bajaj Capital used Dell Compellent Data Progression to move active data to Tier 1 storage, while automatically migrating less active data to more cost-effective lower level Tier 2 and Tier 3 storage. This has allowed employees to access data more easily and quickly resulting in improved and faster workflow leading to enhanced customer responsiveness. The company is able to close its accounting period on time. Further, Bajaj Capital has simplified the complexity of its data storage through Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager and eliminated the need for a dedicated person assigned to storage management. This in turn allows the IT team to focus on continued and value-adding improvements to the user experience.

Finally, to ensure continuous protection to its business-critical assets, Bajaj Capital went with Dell Compellent Copilot Support. This has ensured a sustained level of high performance. To know more on how Dell Enterprise Solutions & Services, powered by Intel technology, can help you overcome your business challenges, visit

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