7 Amazing Cloud Apps Available For Free

Bangalore: Gone are the days where cool softwares had to be brought for a high price. With the advent of cloud platform, all you need to have is an internet connection to access some of these cloud-based softwares for free. Read on to know seven amazing cloud apps that are available for free, as compiled by Economic Times.

#7 Prezi
Website: prezi.com
Prezi is cloud-based presentation software that provides excellent tools for preparing a presentation that is colorful, artistic and attention-grabbing. Using this online software service, users can create dynamic presentations in a 3 dimensional space supported by the Zooming User Interface where words, images and videos can be zoomed in and out to give an added dramatic effect.
At Prezi, users can create a free account with 100MB of storage space and it also offers a myriad of templates and sound effects. Since this is a web-based service, users can also add YouTube clips and images directly from the web. The web-based service also offers users tools to create portfolios which can also be shared with clients over the internet.

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