7 Things CEOs want in a CIO

Bangalore: For the past 10 years we have seen technology IT makeovers and crossovers. The ranks and grades have simply gone up and down. But still there’s a great difference in the knowledge, duties and roles of certain ranks in every department. And in this case it’s the C level: the CEO, the CFO and the CIO. The CEO’s are the ones who set for the roles of other C’s, mainly depending on their communication, experience and how reasonable they are in handling the duties.

The CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) are always available within the firm but nowadays many of them are also coming from outside the IT department, purely based on their communication skills. So the old belief that the CIO’s can’t communicate with the non – techs are pretty out dated. But the key factor what CEO’s want from CIO’s are neither product nor technology, it’s what value he can bring on to the table.

So here is a list by Kevin Fogarty of itworld.com that tells us what most of the CEO’s want from their CIO’s, take a look.

1: Stand up to the stress test:

Facing the stress test and recovering from it, like overcoming a system failure, is where a real CIO stands out. In papers it may be easy to read but in reality it’s bone crunching.  Bringing the right transformations in technology and other major changes within the organization, the CIO’s head should run through all these process. Being demoralized in any of your failures is not a good omen for success.