5 Services To Make Linux Desktops Enterprise-Ready

Bangalore:  We all know enterprises serve as the home for Linux operating systems. These operating systems can be tweaked so much that, today, they have become a common OS in personal computers too. But earlier or years before, to say exact, Linux was credited to be one of the toughest nuts to crack and apart from that, tweaking a Linux desktop into business-ready machine really gave headaches.

But at present, times have changed as businesses can now be handled even through a web browser. The whole Linux platform has matured enough and has undergone a major makeover where the open source front played a major role.

Yet if you are still scratching your head and having tuff times with your Linux, then here are 5 best applications that can provide you with power, stability, reliability, flexibility and security of Linux. Also don’t be surprised when you realize that how common these tools are.

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