5 Enterprise Apps For Disk Defragmentation

Bangalore: With the prices of SSDs (Solid State Drives) falling like meteors, more and more enterprises are ditching their good old hard disks and moving on to the newer and faster ones. SSDs are primarily faster medium of storages having faster transfer of data. But when it comes to SSDs over 512GB, they still can be quite expensive. Now this is where we re-introduce the old good ol’ fashioned platter drives, since they are mainly known for acquiring massive amounts of data at a cheaper rate. Since this phenomenon will continue, the use of disk defragmentation will persist and it will go on till platter drives come to an end.

With that said, here are 5 famous enterprise software used for disk defragmentation.

Puran Defrag:

Puran took the spotlight when they introduced their defragmentation software, Defrag as a contender against Piriform’s Defraggler. The attempt was very impressive since they had all the necessary features delivered inside petty product. One of the major features includes the ability to defrag individual files across the disk partitions. Additionally, a boot optimizer is also available which is said to shave a few extra seconds off your Windows loading times. Puran Defrag is free.

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