5 Reliable Enterprise Instant Messaging Systems

Bangalore: Instant messaging servers have been created online for many years now. Though they are one of the earliest tools for network based communications, these services hosted over the public internet has resulted in theft of sensitive data and loss of information. Today, enterprises are looking to host instant messaging systems within their own private circles to avoid uninvited concerns and maintain a private policy for the company.

Here are 5 instant messaging servers that would serve companies at their best, as compiled by Tech Republic.

#5 DBabble

This is said to be a highly customizable and configurable messaging system. System administrators can change almost every piece of text on either the web or windows client and insert images like logos and ads in designated spots.

Users can send encrypted instant messages, hold private conversations and create and participate in private or public chat rooms and discussions.

DBabble can also create groups for IT support where a user can be connected to an available support for one-on-one chat. DBabble servers can be configured with an alleged capability of 10 million user databases and 10,000+ concurrent users per server which most admins would probably never use.

The server is available for Windows, Mac and many versions of Linux and UNIX. It is prices at $485.

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