5 Powerful Browser Security Add-Ons


Supports: Firefox, Chrome

Here is one add-on that helps you to find out how safe a web site is, and that too quickly. The Webutation site is an open source resource where a community of users helps to collect data on web-sites to develop a reputational profile. The web site information will be ranked from 0 to 100, 100 being the best. Once user gets into a web site, the Webutation add-on quickly pops up with the rank, letting the user know how safe the web site is. Webutation doesn't just depend upon user feedbacks; they also collect information from Google Safebrowsing, Norton Antivirus, phishing and malware blacklists, Web of Trust, and much more.

NoScript Security Suite

Supports: Firefox

NoScript Security Suite is a must-have add-on for anyone who wants to block unsafe scripts from running on your browser, and this is one of the most popular security add-ons around. Out there, in the vast and vivid waves of the internet, there are so many sites that are waiting to launch their scripts on to your screens once you enter their sites. And NoScript Security Suite avoids that by allowing you to define what sites can launch their scripts to protect you from XSS, Cross-zone DNS binding, router hacking, and other Clickjacking attacks. With this add-on you can prevent Java, JavaScript, and other executable content from running on all but those sites you have defined. NoScript Security Suite uses a whitelist approach for sites.

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