5 Powerful Browser Security Add-Ons


Supports: Chrome

WOT is one big extension that every chrome users need to install. Once installed within your browser, you get to see three different sets of icons- green, amber and red, representing search results to be safe, questionable and avoidable respectively. The results also can be viewed as an icon, next to the address bar. This also helps the user to rank their bookmarks. Apart from these features, the extension automatically blocks suspicious content and secures the browser.

Secure Sanitizer

Supports: Firefox

Are you a bit paranoid about your browser’s cache memory? Then here is the one add-on that you need to have in your browser- Secure Sanitizer.  This extension implements three different approaches to clearing the web browser cache: File system simple deletion, random data overwriting, and the three steps "US DoD 5220" method. Once installed, you can initiate sanitation of your cache by using the standard Clear Private Data dialog box, or using a shortcut button in the navigation bar. Whatever be the method, at last you are surely to end up with a much more securely cleared browser cache. The only disadvantage with this add-on is that it doesn’t clean up HTML5 data.

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