5 Powerful Browser Security Add-Ons

Bangalore: With new technologies like cloud computing and web-based business apps on the rise, it has become quite evident that every browser out there needs to be secured, especially in the enterprise sector. Talking about browsers, all the browsers are not created with the same strategy. Some might be tight in security, whereas others will be having strong visual experience, but may tend to let us down in protection. So how does a browser provide the best experience for its users? Well, that’s where add-ons come in. These extensions help browsers to enhance user experience by adding in extra security and better visual experiences.

So with that said, here are the top 5 must-have extensions for every browser to augment its security, as reported in techrepublic.


Supports: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari

Disconnect is a powerful tool to prevent tracking cookies. With this extension, users can keep an eye on tracking requests sent by web sites, that too in real time. Along with tracing, users can also manually allow or block cookies. Disabling social tracking, content tracking and even all the cookies that comes into your browser, the features within Disconnect is simply endless. However, this particular add-on is worth a few bucks, and is recommended for ones who are overly-paranoid about the cookie flow.

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