5 Key Takeaways for CIOs and IT Pros

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Bangalore: Interop 2012 gave a lot to vendors and tech seekers. One of the biggest trade shows had it all - Crowd, technology trends, noise and a whole lot of ideas. But it’s always hard to grasp the core from loot that’s this big. After a day or by two, you clearly can see the faces of CIO’s or certain Tech Leads telling the whole story, as the ideas gets a clearer image. Concerns and new trends are surely to pop out after such a ground breaking event. A lot of topics were ripped and thrown in the middle and was discussed from top to bottom. Important topics like BYOD and Big Data and the Open Flow Management were some which ran hot at the event.

According to Jeff of PCWORLD here are the five key takeaways for CIO’s and IT Pro’s from Interop 2012 that has sprouted after days of discussion and meetings.

1. Interoperability is making a comeback:

It’s been a while since Interop has lost its focus. Interop, originally called Network + Interop, had lost its core idea – interoperability and improvements in networking. But this year’s event has simply changed the script.

Firstly Interoperability is back on track, secondly, age old issues like interoperabilty are back in the lime light and are being discussed since organisations have moved to new computing models. The widespread of cloud platform over organizations had made their thoughts run backwards – Interoperability.

One good instance of interoperabailty is the Extreme Networks – Fortinet partnership. The announcement that gained much attention at the show was that the two have successfully combined in bringing a high performance cloud switch designed for multi-tenant data centers. What’s unique? Every single security provided by the Fortinet, which includes firewalls, IPS, AV, content filtering, app control- are all built in to this switch.

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