5 Enterprises Reforming the Indian Education Sector

Bangalore: We all know that education is the prime requirement to live a quality life. But one must understand the fact that to lead a quality life, you need to have quality education.

India is a nation with an ever-growing demand for education and catering it are a number of enterprises by being the technology supplier to government run institutions. These companies have proved their prowess as they have been constant innovators in application based teaching. Facilitating both government and private education initiatives, here are 5 enterprises aiding the education sector, as reported in ET.

iNurture Education Solutions

Founder: Ashwin Ajila

iNurture shares close hands with industry experts to create and provide custom undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Their areas of expertise include creative management, mobile application technology and animation. The company already has partnered with around 15 universities and colleges such as Gujarat University, Jaipur National University and Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, who provides actual degrees.

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