4 Disturbing And Avoidable Linux Distros

Apartheid Linux:

Now we all know that Apartheid was long before banished from earth. But unbelievably this system still exists in the Linux world, and even there is a very disturbing Linux distro on it- Apartheid Linux. Maybe one of the worst Linux distros ever, the Apartheid Linux simply is absurd and pointless. Certainly packed with offensive themes and wallpapers, this OS comes with a very odious banner, basically for the ignorant white racists set of people.

If thinking why some self professed white nationalists wants their own operating system- well, it will never make any sense. The distro basically is based on PCLinuxOS and comes with Tor installed within it. The operating system mostly comprises of Swastika wallpapers and other offensive stuff.

Without a doubt, this OS must be the most offensive and strangest distros ever released in Linux history.

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