4 Disturbing And Avoidable Linux Distros

Ubuntu Satanic Edition:

Here is a distro strictly for Satanists. Also this edition is a well sorted proof that for every single personality, there is an Ubuntu distro. Based out of Ubuntu 10.10, the Satanic Edition is one rusty operating system that opposes Unity. The OS is primarily built around the very old rustic GNOME 2 desktop environment. Another interesting thing about this OS is that it features a really dark and red spooky kind of theme, truly appropriate for devil worshippers.

Now if you are thinking to own one, then you have to download a live CD. Dubbed by the developers as the ‘Undead CD’, the Ubuntu SE is more of a novelty choice with its cheap software contents and also it’s a perfect way to get a never-ending eye strain due to its atrocious red-on-black skinning choice.

Overall, this distro has received numerous complaints from critics, also claiming that the OS is not going well among Christian circles.

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