4 Disturbing And Avoidable Linux Distros

Bangalore: Linux is one operating system for guys who decide to go for their own way. Closely embracing the open source model, Linux operating systems has provided all the necessary tools to build your own custom version.

These easy-to-use tools has resulted in the emergence of some of the most outrageous and brilliant Linux distros that you could ever imagine. Today, the range or the array of distros are simply boundless, as you get to see tiny distros like Puppy to heavy and massive distros like Debian available in the market.  Apart from these operating systems, there are also several other disturbing and funky ones that are recommended as avoidable. These distros are not only wild, but some of them, indefinitely, supports racism and intolerance. So with that said, let’s go through some of the less-known, worse and truly- strange distros available today, as listed in makeuseof.com.

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