2013 To See an Increase in Cyber Security Risks: Symantec

2013 To See an Increase in Cyber Security Risks: Symantec

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Cyber Attack

Bangalore: With the emergence of new trends in the IT industry, everything is transforming on a fast pace. The increased adoption of BYOD, involvement in social media and other such scenarios increase the instances of cyber threat. With the help of several reports and blogs, Symantec has revealed that there will be an increased amount of threat to the cloud platform and mobile devices in the coming year.

The number of corporate houses switching their operations to cloud in order to implement BYOD and aiding their employees to access data through their private networks, customers are more inclined towards payment of their bills through credit and debit cards, all this has open the channels for more cyber attacks and so predicts Symantec for the coming year.

Some of the key points of these predictions are as follows:

1. Ransomware:

Symantec predicts that 2013 will see an increase in the Ransomware. A Ransomware infects the user’s device shutting it down completely after which the cyber criminals ask for a ransom from the user to give him back the access again.

2. Social Network Monetization:

Social Network monetization is a trend that affects the news feeds of the users by introducing marketing ads which lures them to a targeted ecommerce website. This way the criminals are successful in extracting the financial and private information from the users. Symantec has predicted that increased use of social networking will increase such threats.

3. Madwares:

Mobile Ad wares are potential threats that infect the user’s mobile device by promoting poisonous pop ups and thus gaining control over his/her private data. The wide number of mobile devices being used has increased the threat of madware.

4. Unmanaged Cloud Hosting:

Large business houses hosting cloud applications are also seen as being at potential threat from cyber threats especially if they are not protected properly and have loose firewalls. This brings some of the top businesses on the risk of cyber security.

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