20 Award-Winning Tech Designs

Bangalore: The Red Dot Design Award program dates back to 1955 where the latest and most innovative products in IT and communications are awarded as year’s best technology. This year it turned out to be the most prestigious and inventive award show ever, as over 4,515 entries across 19 categories poured into the design show that covered platforms like architecture, IT, communications, auto engineering, fashion and life sciences. With that here’s a list that features top 20 products that won the prestigious Red Dot Design award of this year.

#1 iFusion SmartStation:

One of the products that caught eye of the Red Dot jury was AltiGen Communications’ iFusion SmartStation. Used as a dock in the iPhone, this product can also be connected via Bluetooth. It’s a total blend of handset and a smartphone. "The iFusion SmartStation offers a perfect symbiosis between the iPhone and the ergonomics of a conventional telephone," one of the juries said.