10 Most-Used Cross Platform Applications

Bangalore: We are today living in a cross-platformic world where applications of different levels are being handled across various systems despite of their OS divisions. From Windows to Mac to Linux, and eventually back, enterprises are getting more and more cornered for implying corporate software infrastructure with a single platform. This situation eventually is now leading to more of a cross platform revolution where you get to see multiple applications that can span across various platforms.

So let’s not waste any more time and check some of the most-used cross platform applications in the enterprise.


Here we are talking about the VirtualBox.  VMware can be used across various platforms for different reasons. The uses range from a small-time experiments on other operating systems to massive enterprise buyouts and products. VMware is used almost everywhere and anywhere.  It is worth every penny.


The most flexible, the most useful media player ever launched- VLC is another cross platform app that has been marked as the most productive app for media-related enterprises.  This application is available across various platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, UNIX, Solaris and many more. VLC became popular because of its attributes. VLC can play anything, further its open soured, and also its free- what more do you want to love an app.

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