10 Killer Open Source Networking Tools

Bangalore: Network administrator deals with many networks, related glitches like routing issues, slow network applications, DNS resolution problems and others. And the only thing which can bail out an administrator are a solid set of tools.

There are many such tools that exist for free. And few of them are incredibly good at keeping a close watch over your network and as well as meets many other needs of the busy network manager.  From monitoring, troubleshooting, and security analysis tools to utilities for keeping track of IP allocations, passwords, and router configurations, read on to know top 10 open source tools for network admin, as compiled by InfoWorld.

#10 Dig

Generally while trouble shooting a network; DNS (domain name system) problems are overlooked. So a reliable tool always gets prime importance here that can provide detailed information about how users' DNS queries are being resolved and Dig fits the bill.

Dig is an open source networking tool developed by Internet Systems Consortium, the same group that produced the BIND DNS server software running the majority of DNS servers worldwide.

Dig is a command-line utility tool that performs DNS queries. It also tells you a lot about the queries and replies; the extra information that you will need to determine why you're getting a strange reply from a DNS server.

The default output of Dig provides you with all the data you'll require for troubleshooting like reply/error codes from the server, flags used in the query and others. Dig can be quite useful when you're trying to diagnose slow network applications, by determining how long it takes a computer to get DNS resolution for the application server's domain name.

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