10 Companies Posing Great Threat To Cisco

Bangalore: Cisco is the impeccable and unassailable giant in the networking space. Over the past 10 - 15 years, Cisco has showed the whole enterprise world what they are made of and what they are capable to do, and overall, Cisco really loves to boast about their victory. Not only Cisco, but the CEO, John Chambers, himself too love to talk about the companies that have tried to compete with Cisco and failed. 3com, Nortel, Synoptics etc, Chambers just love to pick on these companies.

But there are some companies that have been giving Cisco a run for its money. These companies have thrived Cisco’s wrath, as they have stood firm and strong to their strategies. With that said, lets waste no time and take a look at the 10 companies that has prospered in this era of Cisco’s dominance.

F5 Networks:

Many years back, load balancing was considered as one of the sectors to be commoditized. But things started to change when F5 introduced themselves into the market of networking and all of a sudden Application Delivery Controllers where introduced. Today F5 boasts about the broadest and deepest application relevancy and has significantly reduced the deployment time and improved the performance of applications, such as SharePoint and Exchange. Moreover Cisco doesn’t go well with F5 because they are one of the many reasons behind Cisco’s move to dump their own products in favor of partnering with No.2 vendor, Citrix.

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