10 Important Companies in Cloud Computing

Bangalore: Cloud computing is the hottest trending word in the tech industry. The abrupt change in the cloud world over the past year or two, lead to larger companies to launch their first private, hybrid and public clouds. As major companies started to get a bite from the big cake, smaller companies kept losing their way around the corner. But for now some of the telecommunication giants have started to get a firm hold in the computing arena and it has lead to a race to the top. So here is a list that features top 10 companies that are on the run for the top spot in the arena called Cloud Computing.

10. Verizon:

The $1.8 billion deal of Verizon acquiring the newbie Terremark has just been stated as one of the ground breaking deals in the cloud computing history. Since then Terremark has launched its Enterprise Private Cloud which is a single-tenant environment reportedly offering the level of security to enterprises and government agencies. Meanwhile Verizon also has grabbed Terremark’s co-founder and CTO John Considine who is renowned as the founder of cloud switch. But with other telco giants like Savvis, Global Crossing or even Tata Communications on the path, things are for sure to heat up this year.