10 Best Cloud Storage Services

Bangalore: Now access your files, big or small, on the go; or make a back up; or share it with million others. All thanks to cloud storage services, you can do all these things and more. As this technology already has been catching up with the consumers, lately there has been a sprout of many such services. But which among them are best? Here is the list of 10 best cloud storage services as compiled by ZDNet.

#10 Mega

Mega is a file hosting service and successor to Megaupload. The website was launched on 19 January 2013, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the seizure of Megaupload. After Gabon denied the new company under the domain name me.ga, Kim Dotcom announced it would instead be registered in his adopted home of New Zealand under the domain name mega.co.nz.

It offers a 50GB free storage, and for security purpose, the service will be encrypted client-side using an advanced AES algorithm. A way to beat what happened to Megaupload.

Apparently you can't buy extra storage through Mega. You have to rent your storage space via a Mega reseller. Prices start at 10 euros per month for 500GB of storage.

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