10 BYOD Concerns for CIOs

Bangalore: Bring Your Own Devices or simply BYOD, is certainly one of the hottest topics discussed among CIO’s in the tech world. The wide adoption of BYOD technology has made workplaces more attractive and productive, as at present it is pretty inevitable for companies to side themselves from the advantage of BYOD.

Allowing employees to bring their personal devices to work places has made them feel as if they are working at home. Even organizations personally adore the BYOD, as the trend has bought down the expenses on new desktops, laptops and phones.

However, BYOD also can become risky as untrained or inexperienced employees can put important and critical data at jeopardy. Even personal devices are prone to hacking, as a simple theft or an accidental lose of the device can put the whole company in trouble. So the first and foremost thing that CIOs need to take care of is the security within the movement. Organization’s need to rethink their strategies on safety measures, within and outside the company premises.

So with that, here are 10 BYOD concerns for CIOs, compiled by techrepublic.com

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