Government To Augment Corpus Of MSE Credit Guarantee Fund

The central government on Wednesday said it will augment the corpus of 'Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises' (CGTMSE) by an...

Thursday, 19 January 2017, 23:24 IST

New Update of Windows 10 is Helpful for Businesses

Recently, Microsoft unveiled a crucial update for Windows 10. The updates are mainly focused on providing software benefits to the end users during...

Friday, 09 December 2016, 18:03 IST

Donald Trump's Win May Effect Infosys Profit Margin

Donald Trump has been elected as the next president of the United States of America by defeating Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 17:26 IST

Microsoft Takes U-Turn and Joins Linux Foundation

The decision by Microsoft to engage with The Linux Foundation has taken everyone by surprise and raised a few eyebrows.

Monday, 21 November 2016, 17:33 IST

New Multi-million Dollar Contract Expands L&T Technology's Reach Globally

Today, L&T technology Services Limited, an ER&D service provider to myriad technology continuum, inked a multi-million dollar contract with a giant global semi-conductor company.

TO THE NEW Launches VideoReady: A Turnkey OTT and TV Everywhere Solution

TO THE NEW, a leading digital services company, announces the launch of VideoReady, a turnkey TV Everywhere/OTT solution.

Informatica Takes India Centre of Innovation to the Next Level

BENGALURU: Informatica, the world’s leading independent software provider, announces expansion of its India Centre of Innovation, research...

Wittyfeed Became World's Second Largest Viral Content Company

WittyFeed, an Indore-based startup that has marked itself on the World Map with the loudest buzz. Today they are called world's second large...