USIBC Held 2021 West Coast Digital Summit

USIBC Held 2021 West Coast Digital Summit

USIBC held the West Coast Digital Summit, a flagship event where we connected Indian leaders in various technology sectors to their counterparts on the American West Coast, which boasts the world’s crown innovation and technology hub in Silicon Valley. Issues discussed ranged from green data centers, start-up ecosystems, fintech and cryptocurrencies, and the future of smart cars. And most importantly, the pre-eminence of the U.S.-India digital leadership as a driver of global creativity, innovation, investment, and job growth   

The Summit hosted high profile speakers, including Doreen Bogdan Martin, Director of the Telecommunications Bureau of the International Telecommunications Union. She offered an opening keynote address where she lauded the West Coast Summit as a great initiative between the world’s two leading technology powerhouses and touted the tremendous potential to further accelerate India’s innovation growth through expanding collaboration with U.S. counterparts. During her keynote address, Ms. Bogdan-Martin also announced that the ITU will be opening a brand-new office in New Delhi, the first new regional ITU center addition in fifteen years.   

Other major highlights include the inaugural comments from Dr. Ajai Kumar Garg Director of MeitY and Jeet V, CEO of MeitY Start Up Hub. Both expressed the importance of Silicon Valley’s contribution to India’s start-up ecosystem, and emphasized the need for India’s tech sector to strengthen its ties with the U.S. technology hub. MeitY Start Up Hub CEO Jeet V announced plans to work with the United States industry in a more coordinated way – including plans for an in-person start-up visit to Silicon Valley next year.  

Among the other major speakers was our own president, Nisha Biswal; K. Rajaraman, DoT Secretary; Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho; Desh Deshpande, President of Sparta Group LLC; Dharmendra Jhamb, Vice President of Paytm; Suresh Surana, Founder of RSM India; and Dr. P.D. Vaghela, Chairman of TRAI, who announced plans for a data economy consultation paper that will include policies for data centers. 

Moving forward, USIBC looks forward to working with our membership, MeiTY, and the entirety of both the U.S. and Indian governments to promote a pro-innovation agenda across the economic corridor that will necessarily draw the world’s two largest democracies and global leaders in technology into greater alliance.   

Source: Press Release