UK India Business Council Brings-in Socio-Economic Impact Campaign

UK India Business Council Brings-in Socio-Economic Impact Campaign

UK India Business Council, a premier membership-led organization that supports the promotion of trade, business and investment has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of the socio-economic contribution that UK businesses make in India. Partnered with United Nations Development Programme, the campaign will map the activities of businesses and universities against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Commenting on this, Sanyukta Samaddar, Advisor, Niti Aayog, comments, “We are delighted to be a part of this promising engagement. We have been continuously involved with on-ground sensitization and mobilization efforts and completely support this initiative, which embodies the partnership goal of SDG 17. UKIBC’s initiative will lead the path in harnessing the resources in finance, knowledge, innovation, and strategy of the business sector in India for the successful implementation of the SDGs. This effort by the UKIBC illustrates that there’s a huge opportunity in integrating SDGs with the business sector, aiding in leveraging the power that the sector possesses to address some of the key SDG targets, wherein India requires focused intervention”.

The launch in New Delhi attended Sanyukta Samaddar (Niti Aayog), Richard Heald (UKIBC) and Shoko Noda (UNDP). The partnership also aims at eliminating poverty and ensuring prosperity, ranging from environmental sustainability to advancing education. The campaign also showcased a ‘walkthrough’ exhibition done by various UK businesses and universities in India such as British Telecom, JCB, Cairn Energy, Diageo, GSK, HSBC, Standard Chartered, UNDP.

“UK businesses and universities want to succeed in India, and their definition of success includes helping India achieve its socio-economic objectives. This is an exciting time to launch this campaign. Across the world there is a growing acceptance of sustainable development as an over-arching policy goal, which has stimulated interest in assessing the impact of businesses. These issues are no longer just the government’s responsibility, or purely philanthropic efforts. So, any global business looking for an effective path for growth should bring social impact into the core of its strategy and operations. I’m delighted that UK businesses are already making a substantial impact in India, and through this campaign we hope to raise the bar,” states, Richard Heald, Group CEO, UKIBC.

Founded in 2007, UKIBC acknowledges the commitment and keen to highlight the UK’s leading and longstanding support through the launch of this Socio Economic Impact Campaign. IT continues to aid SEI developments by UK companies throughout India and raise awareness of the important work being done.