Tulip Diagnostics Takes Over Biosense

Tulip Diagnostics Takes Over Biosense

Tulip Diagnostic, an in-vitro diagnostic reagents, kits, and instrument provider, acquires Biosense Technologies Pvt Ltd., an in-vitro diagnostics point-of-care testing solutions.

"Point-of-care in-vitro diagnostics is one of the fastest-growing vertical segments in India, and Biosense provides the key platform to enter this space and build upon Tulip's position as one of the largest domestic providers of in-vitro diagnostic reagents, kits, and instruments," says Deepak Tripathi, President, Tulip. "The acquisition further underscores our commitment to advancing affordable healthcare innovations in India, while continuing to further expand our footprint in the region."

Tulip, based in Goa, is one among the country's largest domestic providers of in-vitro diagnostic reagents, instruments, and kits. It serves a vast customer base of diagnostic laboratories, government, and private healthcare facilities.

Biosense was established in 2008. It offers inexpensive and novel point-of-care diagnostic solutions for diagnostic, screening, and management of chronic diseases in India. After the acquisition, the founders of Biosense, Dr. Abhishek Sen, and Dr. Yogesh Patil, along with their management team, would continue to run the day to day operations.

"Tulip has established itself as a market leader in the Indian in-vitro diagnostics segment and also has a rapidly growing presence in other global emerging markets. We believe combining our product portfolio with Tulip's established position as regional and global diagnostics provider enables us to bring the latest technologies to our customers at an affordable cost," says Dr.Abhishek Sen, Co-founder & CEO of Biosense.