Terra Drone India & Roter Group of Companies, Together, Pave the Way for UAV Market in India

Terra Drone India & Roter Group of Companies, Together, Pave the Way for UAV Market in India

A drone service provider, Terra Drone India, partners with Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd., part of the Roter Group of companies to sell their Quantum Systems GmbH German-engineered professional long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in India.

“Terra Drone India has a solid track record in providing top-class drone services. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to increase business in the fast-growing Indian UAV market and are proud of this endorsement of our technology by Terra Drone India,” says Sajid Mukhtar, Chairman & Managing Director, Roter Group of Companies,

The partnership comes under the control of the Indian government, and thus, promotes higher use of drone technology for numerous activities such as mapping, surveying, reconnaissance, and surveillance activities. The companies are also setting up their after-sale service and support center in Hyderabad as a part of their agreement. 

The product collections includes two survey-grade UAVs, namely Tron90+ and Trinity90+, which are designed to take-off and land by autonomous even in the most challenging environments. Furthermore, the drones are designed with several other features such as ADS-B technology to avoid the collision, high payload capacity, and longest-in-class flight time (over 90 minutes). The two UAVs leverage a technique called Post Processing Kinematic (PPK) to correct GPS signals to obtain accuracy up to two centimetres. This function is critical for applications such as 3D mapping in smart cities, mining operations, infrastructure monitoring, forestry, and more.

The Germany-based Quantum Systems GmbH is globally renowned for introducing the most innovative and efficient concepts in the aviation market. Quantum strictly follows the Indian government's flagship 'Make In India' program along with Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd., which has initiated manufacturing India's first surveying instruments in 1936.

Roter Group introduced the vertical take-off reconnaissance UAVs known as Vector and Scorpion in India. These drones could be used even in adverse weather conditions, and they are ideal for tactical missions like search and rescue, convoy protection, battlefield monitoring, border patrol, and traffic surveillance. 

“With the government’s push toward intelligent data acquisition and analytics for Smart Cities, there is a strong requirement for robust surveying and inspection solutions in the commercial UAV market. Roter Group drones are the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge German engineering and reliable Indian manufacturing, and we look forward to helping the industry adopt them,” says Prateek Srivastava, CEO, Terra Drone India.