Taboola Join Hands with Sony Network Communications to Bring Tailored Editorial Experience

Taboola Join Hands with Sony Network Communications to Bring Tailored Editorial Experience

One of the leading discovery platforms globally, Taboola partners with Sony Network Communications with an aim to incorporate Taboola News into Sony News Suite. The partnership is intended to bring forward a better tailored editorial experience to its wide consumer base. Taboola also introduces a revenue stream for Sony Network Communications and offers its publishing partners a whole new audience growth engine by providing quality journalism.

"Taboola’s advanced deep learning technology and in-depth knowledge of users' preferences makes them the perfect innovation partner for Sony News Suite. Their discovery platform allows us to provide our mobile users across 200 countries and territories as a way to discover new and exciting content fully integrated with our Android mobile experience. We're thrilled to be teaming up with Taboola to deliver dynamic new content to our readers”, states, Makoto Ishii, GM, Sony Network Communications.

Taboola News is used by mobile carriers and mobile device manufacturers to access content directly into their devices from the 50 markets where Taboola works. With the ability to leverage AI for content, Taboola users will be interested to consume the contents that are coming next and AI will help the users get them. The partnership also allows the premium publishers to distribute news in a reading experience way for the millions of people.

Commenting on the partnership, Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO, Taboola, says, “Our focus over the next 10 years is to help bring quality journalism and news to all devices, and drive hundreds of millions of people back to the open web. Mobile usage, in particular, is increasing with today’s users checking their mobile phones nearly 100 times a day. We are honored to collaborate on the journey with Sony Network Communications, and power those ‘moments of next’ where users are open to discover things they may like and never knew existed”.

Headquartered at New York, Taboola helps people find relevant content online, matching them with news stories, videos, apps, articles and more. Its’ technology analyzes hundreds of signals to understand what content is likely to engage people. Taboola works for one billion unique users and it works for almost 450 billion times a month. It also has offices at Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo.

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