One Secret These Billionaires Used To Build their Empires

Bangalore: Success in not some thing that can be achieved easily. One has to go through lot of challenges and do immense hard work to make their dream come true.

Another most important attribute that everyone should learn to become successful is to except failure. Most of the successful millionaires and billionaires who you see today have once faced criticism and failure in their life. But one thing was common among all, none of them gave up!

Take a look at the journey of some of the most famous billionaires who learned from their failure and started all over from a stronger position, by Bernard Marr.

1. Henry Ford

The man who is regarded as the pioneer of modern business entrepreneurs and incepted Ford Motor Company had to see failure many times on his journey to success. His first attempt to build a motor car sank just within one and half year of its commencement as the stockholders and investors thought Henry will not be able to do it.

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