Most Sustainable Corporates Of The World in 2015

BENGALURU: A company’s sustainability can simply be derived by the standards they live up to, right from the scratch. There are many indicators that define the company’s sustainability and credibility. Factors like employees management practices, revenue, ratio of CEO compensation to the average employee’s compensation, waste management, energy use and amount of waste generated from their productions also come into consideration.

There are hundreds of firms around the world but barely ten percent of them reach out to the majority markets. Popular magazine, Corporate Knights looks at companies around the world to determine which are getting the most out of their capital, maximizing employee performance, and making careful use of resources. World Economic Forum is the annual platform that showcases the top performing companies of the year. Forbes listed the best and here are some of our favorite companies which are among the list:

Biogen Idec:

Biodgen Idec is the American biotechnology company that makes treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases,Biogen Idec is the world’s most sustainable company this year. It was rated with an overall score of 73.5 percent. Biogen is a biotechnology center that is committed to visionary science in pursuit of new therapies for various diseases and it is largely effective.


Allergan is second in the Global 100 most Sustainable corporations. U.S. Allergan Inc. is a multi-specialty health care company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and over-the-counter consumer products. Allergan is in the list with 72.8 percent overall performance.

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