Metricsbird Set To Change The Way Developers Operate

Metricsbird Set To Change The Way Developers Operate

Cloud computing has changed drastically over the last decade and software development has evolved in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, many cloud monitoring platforms like Splunk, New Relic, Datadog, and AppDynamics have been unable to keep up with demands.

Enter Prasanna Venkatesh and Kiran Karidi, the co-founders of Metricsbird, who are shaking things up and changing the way that developers debug applications and services on AWS. Metricsbird is a developer tool that is reimagining how log management and analytics should work in any organization. The platform aims to solve three major challenges for AWS developers - working with multiple AWS accounts, working with multi-region distributed applications, and working in multi-cloud production environments. The duo, along with Ashok Kumar Gujju, who joined them as Founding Lead Engineer, started building their vision.

Mapping the career path of the team:

Prasanna Venkatesh:

Eager to leave his small hometown in India, Prasanna first entered the working force in the advertising industry after joining a company in Chennai. He made a move to contracting work when he was hired by Citibank for their Netbanking Project and, with this experience under his belt, he then started to focus on product management. As a product manager, Prasanna worked with a variety of companies over the next 11 years, from Sulekha to KRDS and even GOGOX. He’s worked on some products from scratch, and with some, he was even able to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Each position taught Prasanna new skills and allowed him to develop his understanding of the industry, bringing him to the successful launch of his first venture – Metricsbird.

Ashok Kumar Gujju:

Ashok’s first role was as an intern with Idea Bubbles and, although he was fresh in the industry, the brand new company needed him to learn many aspects of the business, from product development to market research and even recruitment. Although it was an intense start, he learned quickly and was thankful to have such growth in the early stages of his career. He then went on to work at another startup called Pitstop (Chatpay). He was hired as their first android developer, worked his way up to lead their android team, and then went on to rewrite all of their existing apps from scratch for better performance and UX – another great learning experience. His last position, before his collaboration with Metricsbird, was at Mountblue as Software Engineering Mentor where he designed, planned, and implemented a three-month intensive coding Bootcamp for Android and Java Backend development. This leadership role was very empowering for Ashok and he successfully trained over 200 engineers through the process.

Debugging Made Simple and Affordable:

Poor console developer experience and confusing documentation of the over 200 services on AWS making developers not spend their time efficiently. According to calculations, the delays that developers face when releasing new products can cost upwards of $1.29M in revenue for products that are predicted to make over $10M per annum. When it comes to the development team, it could be costing companies upwards of $960,000 to pay for engineering hours on a 100-member team. By minimizing the time needed to launch products, Metricsbird minimizes the costs involved.

Metricsbird is unlike any other third-party platform in the sense that its pricing is within reason. Being a Software-as-a-Service subscription platform that offers free for personal use, the company charges only based on the number of licenses required and not the volume of data generated.

Prasanna has always been interested in IT product development, having been a product manager for years prior to pioneering his own ideas, which were largely inspired by a tweet from one of his idols. Out of the thousands that follow Avlesh Singh (Founder of Webengage), Prasanna was the only one to act on his suggestions that there is a need for the software product in the application performance monitoring space.

After establishing a partnership with Kiran and getting Ashok onboard, the entrepreneurs managed to get UC Berkeley’s Skydeck Fund to invest in their idea and they are now in the next phase: product launch and customer acquisition.

Metricsbird aims to become the go-to cloud monitoring solution for AWS developers aimed at both developers and large-level corporations. Amazingly, the pair are holding their own amongst the big players in the industry like Datadog.

“There is nothing more frustrating than an inefficient team of developers, but we have to understand that sometimes it isn’t the team that’s the problem, it’s the fact that we don’t have the resources in order to optimize our workflow. With Metricsbird, we hope to change that, and make application monitoring a more cohesive experience,” says Prasanna, the co-founder, and CEO of Metricsbird.