Kinect Joins Hand with Kamari to Promote HIV Testing Programs in African Countries

Kinect Joins Hand with Kamari to Promote HIV Testing Programs in African Countries

Kamari, a multi-country initiative of mobile gaming and lotteries with existing licenses join hands with Kinect, a block-chain based health technology platform to focus on advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to fund HIV testing programs in Africa. The partnership was aimed at promoting health initiatives and increases the detection of infectious diseases, aimed to support the ‘United Nations SDG #3: Good Health and Well Being’. Both the companies entered into a $2.5 million coin swap to fund the initiative.

Toby Carroll, Chairman, Kinect, comments, “HIV infection is a serious issue in many African countries and the ongoing spread of the disease by untested individuals, has been incredibly difficult to address. We believe that this partnership with Kamari and the proposed lottery to incentivise those untested individuals to take their first test, will lead to increased education, treatment and hopefully reduce the spread of the disease”.

The projects suggested the establishment of a special, multi-country lottery to uplift the untested males between the ages of 18 to 34 years to undergo an HIV test at participating clinics with the goal of promoting education and treatment for infected individuals.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Christopher Cleverly, CEO, Kamari, says, “Africa will be a multi-currency universe creating benefit and liquidity to all from the unbanked to the commercially astute. Kinect has a model that will thrive on an interoperable platform of shared values created through collaboration. This will be a game changer for medical data and application on the continent”.

Being a health focused technology company, Kinect improves the wellbeing of the African people with its close alignment with Ministries of Health and large global charities across Africa. It recently formed a partnership with ZEU Crypto networks and its Canadian Stock Exchange listed company, St. Georges Eco-mining to create its private block-chain. For the last four months, Kinect has been working from Mumbai to improve patient treatment programs with it incentivisation system working. It has managed to raise $5.75 million to ensure expansion across Africa and other emerging economies.

Kamari was created with the vision of a world of gaming and payments united without borders.  It offers better experience to the hundreds of millions of people across Africa. For this, Kamari will be integrating existing infrastructure and licensing with a standardized currency for gaming and payments.

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