India's First Geno Homeopathy by Dr Batra's Goes International

India's First Geno Homeopathy by Dr Batra's Goes International

The globally eminent multi-specialty homeopathy clinic, Dr Batra's launches Geno-Homeopathy- India's first genetically-guided homeopathic treatment in the UAE. This creative gene-targeted homeopathic treatment had received an overwhelming response in India when it was launched in 2018. It is also expecting to achieve the same in UAE and bring about a revolution in the future of homeopathy. This treatment is scientific, precise, and specially developed for individuals of every age group, including children. 

Dr Batra's Geno Homeopathy is designed in a personalized manner: no two patients having the same medical condition will receive the same homeopathic treatment. The medicines used in this treatment are natural and effective and would be designed based on the patient's genetics, age, health, and lifestyle. The genetic test for the homeopathy treatment would require a simple saliva test that would reveal the seriousness of the medical problem, even years before the disease could appear.    

 The clinic has conducted about 15,000 Geno Homeopathy tests. In the present scenario, most of the ailments are lifestyle-related; about 45 percent of patients are diagnosed with underlying ailments that are related to diet and nutrition. 

Dr Batra's has entered into a partnership with GeneStore that provides genetic testing in more than ten countries and has also conducted about 500,000 genetic tests across the world. The GeneStore's genetic laboratories are based in the USA, UAE, Uruguay, India, and France.

"At Dr Batra's, we've always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. We believe that both are great enablers of better patient outcomes. After its success in India, we are happy to introduce Geno Homeopathy in the UAE for the first time so that our patients there may benefit from a technologically advanced treatment through genetics, which is not only personalized and focused but also cost-effective. We hope to introduce it to our other locations as well soon," states Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder, Dr Batra's Group of Companies.