GROWiT: Transformation of Protective Farming Space through Innovative Farm Methods

GROWiT Transformation of Protective Farming Space through Innovative Farm Methods

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. Share of agriculture and allied sectors in gross value added (GVA) of India at current prices stood at 17.8 % in FY20. The India Agriculture Industry is growing at 10% CAGR. India is a country where 60% of its land area is used for cultivation and farming practices. Yet the agriculture sector of the country does not have any effective farming solution for better yield of crops. No positive initiative was taken in this direction to tackle this issue. In 2019, a Surat-based agritech platform called GROWiT India Pvt Ltd stepped foot in the protective farming space and became India’s first direct-to-farmer protective company. Since its inception, the platform has actively served to around thousands of farmers across the nation. To know more, let us see detailed information about this platform and its services.

GROWiT was established with the intention to manufacture advanced and innovative protective farming products that ensure optimum quality and yield for Indian farmers. The platform has introduced an extensive range of protective farming techniques and innovative products to improve farm productivity and quality to increase farm income. Their agricultural products have government subsidies as they encourage progressive farming. The protective farming products of the platform include mulch film, shade nets, crop/fruit covers, mulch laying/hole punching machines, Agri threads, crop support net, grow bags, weed mat, insect net, Agri wires, etc. The unique franchise model of the brand along with its hub and spoke distribution system makes the technique of protective farming peculiar. The company has also established Grow Kshetras (Demo Farms) at every Taluka for farmers to educate them about protective farming and other profitable farming practices. Currently, the platform is serving 15000+ farmers through a little around 117 franchise stores. The company is further aiming to have 5000 franchise stores and serve around a million farmers by 2025. GROWiT India is also working on many collaborations in the Agritech space to expand its reach as soon as possible. They also have a “GROWiT App” which helps farmers in better understand of protective farming practices and products. The firm has received the Indian Achiever’s Award 2021 under the category of the “Most Promising Company”.

The platform is currently working with Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka farmers. But, it is also looking ahead to expand its reach to pan India. For this, the company is seeking franchise partners. Notably, this firm is one of the leading Indian agritech startups to give warranty, guarantee, and buyback offerings on their products to the farmers. GROWiT is positively working towards save soil policy through its protective farming product. Due to lower quality protective farming products, something called the white trash problem happened in China where these products were not responsibly removed from the farms and recycled. But, in order to make sure that this does not happen in India, GROWiT has taken the initiative of buying back their products after their use by the farmers and recycling them to be more environmentally friendly.

At first, the company was facing difficulties in leveraging sustainable farming practices in India. This issue was created because most of the farmers were using traditional farming practices for cultivation of crops. Our soil has been exploited for years for years due to lack of proper knowledge regarding agricultural practices. Thus, GROWiT aims to encourage soil conservation by providing its innovative and sustainable farming products to the farmers of the country. By using these products, farmers can get better results by using less water, fertilizers, and pesticides. The platform is aiding rural farmers to generate high crop yield with fewer but effective resources.