Google And Amazon Chalk Out Big Plans For India

BANGALORE: Google revealed about building its largest campus in Hyderabad instead of U.S. the search giant’s largest site would spread on an area of 2m square feet and expects to accommodate 13,000 workers. This centre in India is estimated to be complete by 2019, reports Business Insider.

In addition to this, Amazon also plans to set up centre in the nation and access endless opportunities in growing internet landscape. The Amazon Centre to be built on the outskirts of Hyderabad would be company’s largest campus in India. These biggies aim on bringing in changes and more employment in multinationals dealing in the internet sphere.

Amit Agarwal, vice president & country manager, Amazon India, said, "We are planting seeds for the future. India has been mentioned in the shareholder letter by Jeff (Jeff Bezos, founder-CEO, Amazon) and that's big."

Moreover, an investment push worth $2 billion in India had been declared by Bezos previously, he added.

The globally leading online retailer, Amazon, has completed a decade in India and had made its way to the Indian marketplace in 2013. The site presently offers 22 million products and its Indian accomplishment witnessed the company’s fastest earning of $1 billion in sales.

Other internet based companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google followed the same track of growth in India. Karthik Anant, director, Zinnov, a Bangalore based consultancy, said, "The Indian story has changed and the upside is large. We are just scratching the surface,"

Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and CEO, Greyhound Research, added, "Earlier it was about labour arbitrage, now it's a large domestic market that attracts companies. Products for small and medium businesses (SMBs) are first tried in India. Even for back office work, more intellectual property is being created in India now, a distinct shift from being just a support base."

Facebook and WhatsApp have their largest markets placed in India. Even twitter mulls over India as its promising and significant market. Anant added, "More users will push advertising to digital mode, boosting revenue for internet companies. Besides, India is a mobile first economy (people experience net first on mobile) and companies are exporting some of the learning from here to other markets."

Google bets on the Indian Market which stands testimony to internet user growth development. Google’s cost-effective smartphone, Android One, has also set up prosperous market for the company. India is also a sales hotspot for Twitter and Amazon.

The internet user base in India is growing and is drawing global biggies to come forward and invest in it. Indian market of advertising is now worth $8 billion of which only $800 million is owned by internet digital advertising.  

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