Four Best Animation Companies for Business to Grow

Four Best Animation Companies for Business to Grow

Most of the companies have animated explainer presentations and these kinds of presentations work wonders for them. Animated explainer videos are used by companies to market their product and services. Animation Explainer videos are one of the most searched tools these days. It not only helps business grow but it also leaves an impact on the customers. Presentations can be improved every day with new story ideas. One can never regret investing in an animated explainer video.

All the brands are competing with each other to get in the eyes of their target customer and an animated explainer has been one of the best tools which help to catch the eye of the customer. Video can be inspirational, creative, funny, or breathtaking if you want your brand to stand out.

Here are the four Best Animation Companies for Business.


PitchWorx is a graphic design agency that helps brands with compelling and persuasive designs. With more than 1 million person-hours, they have worked with more than 500 brands across various industries. Irrespective of whether you are pitching to investors, vying for clients, or promoting your brand in this increasingly competitive world; our creative agency ensures to deliver strong audience-oriented messaging. Be it a start-up investor pitch, a corporate presentation design, an animated explainer video for a new product/service launch, a live video shoot, a refreshed company website, or simple sales collaterals, they help you with everything. 

Grumo Media

Grumo Media is a video animation company from Vancouver, Canada. They work with very talented artists to create fun and concise animated videos for businesses. They love working with small businesses and startups, and their business animation production process is designed to help these companies attract investors, promote their products, and increase their conversion rates. 


This video animation company creates three types of content: explainer videos, interactive videos, and screen-recorded videos! They’ve been on the market since 2011, and since then, they’ve become one of the top animation studios, making hundreds of animated videos for businesses all the way from their office in England. 


Thinkmojo creates a wide variety of business animation, from educational videos, social media videos, ads, short films, video presentations, and a lot more. Their focus is to create VX (or Viewer Experiences), for brands that like to shake things up!