eExpedise To Innovate The Indian Healthcare Experience

eExpedise To Innovate The Indian Healthcare Experience

The Delhi-based startup uses technology to supervise the complete lifecycle of treatment for patients, and the startup allows users to choose a healthcare provider in India according to their budget and preference of expertise.

FREMONT, CA: In many developing countries, people still depend on their friends and family to get a reference for good doctors. There are several doctor rating sites available, but these sites do not mention the quality of the care provided. Now, a Delhi-based startup eExpedise is ready to provide full healthcare solutions during the entire treatment lifecycle to solve such issues.

Formed in 2017, eExpedise aims to ensure transparency and ease, and enhance the patient experience. The company manages the whole lifecycle with the help of advanced technologies. They enable their users to choose a healthcare provider according to their budget and preference of expertise. This startup works for patients on both levels, either domestic or international.

The client gains admittance to a whole range of healthcare specialist organizations and services at merely the click of a couple of buttons, and can look at the expense of treatment from different emergency clinics in India, and select according to their budget. This startup also saves its users 38 percent of the cost of healthcare in the country.

One of the founders of eExpedise Amit Sharma, thinks that most of the time, patients are left with a poor choice and end up getting the wrong treatment at high-cost. As the doctors, medical facilitators, and insurance agents, in between them, dominate the present healthcare sector, the patient does not even get a chance to choose or compare the treatment plan and other healthcare-related costs. H hopes that this innovative technology can bring about a change in the present system.

Both the mastermind, Amit Sharma (37) and Kapil Chadha (44), have experience in the insurance and healthcare sectors. They had intently observed the difficulties faced by both global and national patients while availing medicinal treatment.

The startup has started a program called 'Home Country Treatment' to target Indians living abroad, expats, students, and NRIs who are usually secured by the insurance agency of the nation of dwelling. The company also helps with booking tickets, and also covers the travel needs to ensure excellent service at a reasonable cost for the patient.

eExpedise additionally organizes telephonic and video conferencing with the specialist, so the patient goes down to India if they are satisfied with the doctor.

To deal with the complete patient lifecycle for Indians who are traveling to their home country for medical treatment, eExpedise has tied up with international insurance companies. It is like a win-win situation for both the patient and the insurance company.

The startup provides the stay, travel, and documentation support for the patients, which also includes the medical visa. It additionally goes about as a guardian between the healthcare services supplier and the patient by examining and assessing bills and tests performed during the treatment to guarantee that the patient isn't over-charged beyond the insurance cover. Here, eExpedise guarantees that both the patient and the insurance agency are secured.

The company operates more than ten countries and works with insurance companies and third-party assurance companies. The startup has served more than two-thousand patients; most of them are Indian expats from the Middle East and North America.

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