Boeing Sees Demand For 2,380 New Aircraft in India by 2038

Boeing Sees Demand For 2,380 New Aircraft in India by 2038

New Delhi: Global aerospace major Boeing expects a demand for 2,380 new aircraft in India, valued at $330 billion, over the next 20 years.

According to the Boeing's annual India Commercial Market Outlook (CMO) 2019, factors such as exponential domestic passenger traffic growth, new long-haul opportunities and infrastructure development will lead to the fulfilment of the demand forecast.

"To operate and maintain the expanding fleet, operators are expected to spend $440 billion on aviation services, including ground, station and cargo operations, along with maintenance and engineering," the 2019 India CMO said.

"In India, single-aisles will lead the demand for airplane deliveries -- comprising 87 per cent of all new airplanes -- to meet requirements for domestic network connections and service to new airports.

"Wide-body airplanes will make up 13 per cent of new airplane deliveries, helping to enable new long-range flights."

As per the CMO, many of the new airplanes will replace aging aircraft and help operators grow their network as India's airplane fleet is projected to quadruple in size to approximately 2,500 aircraft by 2038.

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Source: IANS