Beer Vs Coffee: Will Beer Cafes overtake Coffee Cafes?

Beer Vs Coffee: Will Beer Cafes overtake Coffee Cafes?

Bangalore: What if someone tells you that beer has the potentiality to over take the Indian coffee market? You would simply give a smug or call it a pipedream! But Preadeep Gidwani, who gave up his sensational CEO position of two leading beer brands, Carlsberg India and Foster's India to live his entrepreneurial dream wish to make beer as easily available and popularly accepted as coffee in India, reports Dearton Thomas Hector of Business Today. Though the idea sounds little bit out of track, again if skeptics were easily convincible, then none would have questioned Einstein’s theories.

 Gidwani’s concept of The Beer Cafe is unique in its own way. Hardly could any one think of the idea to provide a place where beer lovers could enjoy the beverage without loud music and dim lights except pubs, discs and night clubs.  

"My idea of a beer cafe is one which looks less like a bar or a pub, and more like a coffee shop," says Gidwani. "I want to create a space where conversations can be had over beer, without loud music or dim lights".

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