What Australia-India Cooperation has in its Cache

What Australia-India Cooperation has in its Cache

Australia is looking forward to strengthen its ties with India to extend their cooperation in the technology arena. This is intimated by a top Australian official, ahead of Australian PM Scott Morrison's visit to India, which is expected to be early next year. Canberra, the capital city of Australia is intending to minimize its reliance on China in hi-tech sectors.

Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Rod Hilton states that 5G, 6G and quantum computing are the priority areas for both the countries. Further, he outlined four key areas of cooperation, that include an open, inclusive and rules-based maritime order; cyber and critical technologies; promoting connectivity across the Indo-Pacific; and Responding to the threat of terrorism.

Also, Australia considers India as a natural partner, as New Delhi's growing and strategic heft are humungous. Thus, it has created several new opportunities for cooperation with Australia based on shared values and outlook. Besides, Australia believes that India would assist in shaping the regional trading order prompting the benefit of free and open trade. Alongside, the economic governance in the Indo-Pacific region is also expected to improve.

The third iteration of the bilateral naval exercise, AUSINDEX, that took place in April this year, was a representation of the largest-ever Australian defence deployment to India. Australia and India cooperation on cyber and critical technologies would improve the security and prosperity of their citizens. 

With this cooperation, Australia is planning to reduce its reliance on Chinese technology, to avoid being bound by the ground rules set by Beijing in key technologies. Moreover, Australia also intends to support India in developing a domestic critical minerals processing industry. This is a measure to create an alternative to source materials from China. 

"Harnessing the potential but also protecting our citizens when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G and 6G and quantum computing are priorities for both Australia and India. As is collaborating in these fields so that the norms, rules and standards that shape the global technology eco-system reflect our shared values," states Ron.