Weisman Worldwide & Holosuit Collaborates to bring AR/VR in Entertainment Industry Globally

Weisman Worldwide & Holosuit Collaborates to bring AR/VR in Entertainment Industry Globally

One of the leading Hollywood media and tech agencies, Weisman Worldwide Entertainment collaborates with Holosuit, a Singapore-based AR/VR tech start-up to bring-in AR/VR experience across entertainment industry internationally. The partnership will help the media and entertainment companies to launch the advantages of the technology including AR, VR, AI and ML. The partnership also boosts the process of integration and awareness across the board for Holosuit.

Commenting on this partnership, Cory Weisman, Founder & CEO, states, “We at WWE, bridge the gap between the talent, traditional production houses, and technology elements to create opportunities for all in the ever-expanding entertainment technology convergence space. By joining hands with Holosuit and leveraging their expertise in cutting edge technology including AR/VR, we will architect and revamp one platform to cater the entertainment industry across the world with the 360 tech solutions”.

Reports say that, within three years from now, 68 million VR headsets will be used in the U.S. that increase the VR content revenue to $5 billion. VR puts a whole new concept of participation in the minds of viewers and puts the viewers at the center to make them experience the event directly. Similarly, AR concept augments the relevant aspects of the environment and helps users create engaging and convincing contents. With this inclusion of AR/VR in the industry, the industry should focus on planning the future around them.

“Other than gaming & automobile, our expertise in AR/VR has been deeply engaged with the real life situations and catering the solutions to neuro-rehab, sports, healthcare, education skill development, factory training, disaster response, robot training, defense or industrial operation etc. We at Holosuit believe in providing our tech driven solutions across all the industry including media & entertainment now. This alliance with the industry leader, Weisman Worldwide Entertainment, will enable the reach of this robust technology across the entertainment space”, says, Harsha Kikkeri, CEO, Holosuit.

Weisman Worldwide was founded in 2000 by Cory Weisman and it develops and creates large scale branded content campaigns that have received billions of views worldwide. Weisman Worldwide also offers brand development services including search engine optimization and web design, social media development and marketing.

Established in 2016, HoloSuit provides eXtended Reality (AR/VR/MR/RR) solutions in the industries such as sports, fitness, healthcare, automotive, industrial training, ergonomics, oil and natural gas and more. Holosuit produced world’s first affordable, bi-directional, wireless and easy to use full body motion capture suit. The full-immersion sensor and feedback packed jumpsuit enables to touch and feel 3D objects creating a 4D experience.

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