Violence At Maruti's Manesar Plant: Plan To Disrupt Peace

Bangalore: The violence took place at Maruti's Manesar Plant has shaken the entire Indian business. The event has even affected the share market value of the company and the Foreign Investments.

The whole event started as a section of the workers injured the managers and set the part of the business on fire on July 18, 2012. The fire snuffed a part of the plant and an HR GM, Awanish Dev, had to surrender his life before this angry mob.

The latest reports say that the police have around 100 workers already for being part of the mob. But they are yet to find the instigator in chief, who would face murder charges. The officials have said that those who took part in the attack would also have to take the responsibility of the death. The arrested are lodged in Bhondsi Jail after the court remanded them in judicial custody for 14 days. Meanwhile, investigating agencies have confirmed of having no Maoist angle in the violence.