Two Fast Growing Firms, Digital Empathy & Fetchit Join Hands

Two Fast Growing Firms, Digital Empathy & Fetchit Join Hands

Digital Empathy, a leading branding, web design and marketing company and Fetchit, a popular customer experience tool  joined hands and will start integrating their products and sales efforts. The partnership opens door to transformative reporting tools and Digital Empathy can interface directly with a hospital’s practice management software.

Robert Sanchez, Founder & CEO, Digital Empathy, says, “We live in an age of increasing corporatization and commoditization. Ironically, it is harder than ever for the independent veterinary practice to build meaningful and sustainable bonds with local pet owners. We exist to change that”.

Established in 2015, Digital Empathy helps veterinary practices attract its ideal clients through sophisticated branding and marketing. It works with independent practices to reach local pet owners in a way that connects with them on an emotional and instinctual level. Digital Empathy provides branded and story boarded websites, search marketing, social coaching, content marketing and more.

Dr. Hank Wright, CEO, Fetchit, says, “As veterinarians, we build our practices to deliver exceptional medical care to pets. Our practices thrive when we provide unmatched and personalized customer service with every interaction. This must occur on the very first phone call. Digital Empathy shares our belief in creating a customer-centric culture before the pet owner even steps through the door. The most important question we must always be asking is how we are making a customer feel”.

Fetchit offers detailed caller information as soon as the phone rings and brings up the caller’s medical chart as the phone rings. It provides simple, easy-to-use software that helps implement efficiency, personalized client service, and knowledge when engaging customers at the time of an incoming call.

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