Top 10 Countries for Renewable Energy

Bangalore: Greater Noida, Delhi (NCR) hosted the 6th Renewable Energy India Expo, 2012. The event attracted many people from November 7 to 9, 2012. This expo is considered as the largest congregation of renewable.

The knowledge partner for this expo was Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young is a member firm that provides scores for national renewable energy markets, renewable energy infrastructure and their suitability for individual technologies.

India was ranked fourth place in this expo. The list of the top 10 countries for renewable energy, as reported by ‘’ is here.


Global rank: 10

Brazil uses around 85.4 percent of domestically produced electricity. Around 91 percent of the cars in Brazil use sugarcane ethanol as fuel.

Brazil obtains three-fourth of its electricity from hydro source. Wind energy plays an important role during the dry seasons. Brazil has a potential of 143 gigawatts of wind energy.

Brazil got the tenth place securing 50.2 points in all renewable sources. Brazil’s wind index was 52 and solar index was recorded as 47 along with an infrastructural point of 51.


Global rank: 9

With 50.8 points in the all renewable sources, Japan secured the ninth place in the list.

Japan approved a hefty number of projects for clean energy. Its project was recorded to have a capacity of 1,780 megawatts. Out of this 1,780, 1,480 megawatts was for solar projects.

Other details for Japan’s ranking in the Renewable Energy Expo are as follows:

Wind index: 49, Onshore wind: 50, Offshore wind: 41, Solar index: 58, Infrastructure: 54.

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