Ten Major Drawbacks Of Online Shopping

BANGALORE: Once the internet took over human life it’s indeed doubtful to claim any aspect of life that cannot be worked out through internet. The internet has provided is the online shopping. Internet gigs or tech lovers can list so many advantages of this web based shopping. No time investments, no geographical mobility, and exchange facility from home –then why do markets still exist? Rather, what about that community of crowd who still cluster in street shops for regular grocery or luxurious purchases?

It’s definite that online shopping has certain short comings. With Listovative.com we list the drawbacks of online shopping, though taking the final call is your choice:

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

I mean how exactly you know the entire product from the two-three lines of product details that is written?
Whenever I tried online shopping, the biggest issue I faced was size. Oh yes, I do look at the size chart option but due to export surplus market many a times the size confusion lingers.
However in a mall or a shop to buy the same, you always have the scope of going through the product thoroughly in before purchasing it.

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