Oilfield Drilling Fluid Additives Market Expected to Grow at CAGR of 2.56 % during 2020-2025

Oilfield Drilling Fluid Additives Market Expected to Grow at CAGR of 2.56 % during 2020-2025

The report predicts the Oilfields Drilling Fluids Additives Market to grow with a CAGR of 2.56 % over the forecast period of 2020 - 2025. The Global Oilfields Drilling Fluids Additives Market size at $1575.10 million in 2020 is anticipated to grow extensively in 2025. The Global Oilfield Drilling Fluid Additives Market Industry Analysis states, oil production and exploration activities in the past decade have increased due to the rapid growth of the global economy that is highly based oil & gas sector to meet its energy demands.

The chemical formulation has resulted in growing demand for Oil field drilling fluids used in the exploration process. Fluid viscosifiers hold the largest market share of about 81% followed by corrosion inhibitors, which accounted for about 6%. North America has witnessed significant growth in the market with a global share rising to more than 50% of the market in 2020 due to growing offshore drilling activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

What are the major applications of Oilfields Drilling Fluids Additives Market?
Oilfield Fluids Additives play an important role in oil and gas industry. The drilling fuel additives are most used by the industry are organic chemicals and solvents, surfactants, transition metal compounds, and inorganic salts. These drilling fluid additives majorly applied as a supporting agent for drilling holes on the surface of the earth, typically in oil and natural gas mining.

Apart from this major application, drilling fluid additives are also used in simple bore wells. The influencing factor for using drilling mud additives in oil mining is that it dispense hydrostatic pressure to obstruct formation fluids which will infiltrate into the bore well and always maintains the drill bit in a cooling condition, effectively finishing drill cutting, and postponing the cutting of drill when drilling is halted and when the drilling assembly in moving in to the hole. This drilling mud additives are applied to get rid of formation damage and to prevent from corrosion. The other functions include wetting agents to maintain usability capacity, dispersant, and clay stabilization.

Market Research and Market Trends of Oilfields Drilling fluids Additives Market  
- Nanotechnology in Drilling Fluids: Nanoparticle has been in a prominent use in almost all the industry operation and requirement in oil and gas mining industry in order to minimize the environmental factors connected with recovery of oil is perilous. Many research studies have also concluded that nanoparticles introducing into drilling lubricant can increase its thermal stability. R&D from major players have reported that nano-additives are capable to increase the strength of well bore, reduce the loss of fluid, friction reduction at the time drilling to a maximum extent.

- Integrated Drilling Fluid System: There is always a demand for an integrated system which provides multiple solution in single unit and the customer requires it to be available across the regions. These integrated solution systems available across the region can make possible by means of acquisition and merger. Whole in One is an integrated drilling fluid system which is a combination of more than one component can be used for multi directional drills, provides flexible lubricity and provides performance and speed of an OB drilling lubricant in a favored water based system.

- Exploration in offshore drilling: The Oil and Gas Industry move its exploration efforts towards offshore oil mining with a remarkable project along the coastal sides of South America and West Africa. Nanofiltrate membrane is a sodium chloride permeability which is capable to reject more than 50% sodium chloride components, barium and sorium sulphate when operating under sea water. GE’s recent launch, seawater sulphate removal (SWSR) which filters all sulphate composites from the water that has been injected for offshore drilling production.

Who are the Major Players in Oilfield Drilling Fluid Additives Market?
The key players operating in the Oilfields drilling fluids additives market are Akzo Nobel, BASF SE, Chevron Phillips, DoW Chemical, Innospec Inc., Tetra Technologies and other 10 more companies.             



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