Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs In India

BANGALORE: Women in India excel in all possible fields. Be it defense services, banking, business, or household. India has always been rich in every field—art, science, media, and corporate and it has given birth to some of the most extraordinary women ‘go getters’ especially in commerce.

Corporate world has its own culture and system, and for a woman to achieve success or to climb the corporate ladder is not impossible but rather difficult. Women are always deprived of few things in our society but certainly, there are many women entrepreneurs who have been extremely successful, restoring balance in equity in a chauvinistic country.

These women play their roles perfectly and throw a smile that can teach us all an encouraging lesson. Some of the following inspiring women hold highest civilian awards and stand as pride of the nation.

Indu Jain:

”Pen is mightier than sword”—Indu Jain is the current chairperson of the Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, which owns the most popular newspaper daily—Times of India and other such large newspapers. She is one of the most powerful and influential women and a pure humanist. Under her supervision, The Times Foundation runs Community Services, Research Foundation and Times Relief Fund for disaster reliefs like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and epidemics. Indu Jain's championing of women's causes is also popular and very motivating. She actively supports women's rights and encouragess women entrepreneurship.

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