Meet India's 10 Highest Paid CEOs Of 2014

BANGALORE: Despite the slowdown in the economy, no more affects the compensation of Indian CEOs. Majority of the companies have seen directors’ and CEOs’ pay rise, in financial year 2013, compared to the previous year. Mukesh Ambani is the only CEO whose compensation has remained the same till now.

Curious to know which CEO in India earns the highest? Read on the below list:

1. Kalanithi Maran and Kavery Kalanithi

The couple, Kalanithi Maran and Kavery Kalanithi,  is ranked to be the highest paid CEOs in India with a salary of 59.89 crore, each.  According to Forbes magazine, the 49 year old, Kalanithi Maran's net worth is around $2.3 billion and as of today, he is ranked as 23rd richest person in India. 

Maran's Sun Group has business interests in the regional television market, with 33 TV Channels, across four regional languages, with the reach of more than 95 million households in India. This makes the Group own the largest chain of TV channels in India. Sun Group's other business interests include DTH, 45 FM radio stations, two daily newspapers, and six magazines.