India Home to Second Highest Number of Shadow Businesses: Study

India Home to Second Highest Number of Shadow Businesses: Study

Wednesday, 28 May 2014, 05:47 Hrs
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LONDON: India has emerged as a country with some of the highest number of unregistered businesses in the world, according to a latest UK study that found Indonesia with maximum number of shadow businesses. Researchers at Imperial College Business School in London found that a large number of shadow entrepreneurs are operating in India without registering their businesses with official authorities and eventually hampering economic growth.

The team created a league table based on a study of 68 countries and found Indonesia with the highest ratio of 130 shadow economy businesses to every business that is legally registered, followed closely by India at 127. Shadow entrepreneurs are defined as individuals who manage a business that sells legitimate goods and services but they do not register their businesses. This means that they do not pay tax, operating in a shadow economy where business activities are performed outside the reach of government authorities.

"Understanding shadow economy entrepreneurship is incredibly important for developing countries because it is a key factor affecting economic development," explains Professor Erkko Autio, co-author of the report, which attempts to analyze the number of entrepreneurs operating in the shadow economy for the first time. "We found that government policies could play a big role in helping shadow economy entrepreneurs transition to the formal economy. This is important because shadow economy entrepreneurs are less likely to innovate, accumulate capital and invest in the economy, which hampers economic growth," he added.

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Source: PTI
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