Flexi Business Loans from Bajaj Finserv - The easy way to manage your business' finances

Easy accessibility and flexibility are the cornerstones of Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Business Loans. This source of funds gives you access to collateral-free finance for business growth, allowing you to borrow according to your need without compromising on affordability. So, whether you want funds to purchase or upgrade your software or machinery, pay for a new office space in a thriving commercial district, or hire specialised staff who can differentiate your firm from the competition, you can get the funds you want your way.

With simple eligibility criteria tailored for SMEs and an easy online application that requires minimal documentation, it helps your business get cash quickly and seamlessly. It is your go-to answer for meeting urgent and unpredictable needs for finance.

Here’s how Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Business Loans are a winning solution.

They give you ample funds for business needs with maximum flexibility

With a loan amount up to 30 lakh, you can address your business’ funding needs without any restriction. To make the most of it, you should know how a Flexi Business Loan facility works: It gives you a loan limit for a specific tenor. You can then borrow funds from this loan limit multiple times based on your business’ requirements. You don’t need to file a new application to withdraw funds every time from this limit, and have access to quick cash when you need it.

They make meeting unplanned business expenses more affordable

Rather than a term loan, where you pay interest on the entire sum you borrow, a Flexi Business Loan gives you the advantage of paying interest only on the amount you withdraw from the loan limit. This eliminates the need to pay interest on the unused amount, thereby making repayment easier.

For example, if you borrow 12 lakh from the approved loan limit for 23 lakh, then interest will be charged only on 12 lakh and not the entire loan limit of 23 lakh.

They make managing monthly cash flow easier

Apart from paying interest only on the withdrawn amount, a Flexi Business Loan gives you another competitive advantage: the freedom to pay interest-only EMIs. This means that unlike a regular EMI that consists of both interest and principal components, you can choose to pay only interest as EMIs. This will help you manage your business cash flow easily, and plan your loan in such a way that you have business revenues to pay off your principal at the end of the loan’s tenor.

They allow you to make prepayment at no charge and re-avail the prepaid amount too

Understanding that every business faces ups and downs that cannot be forecasted or predicted right down to the last rupee, Flexi Business Loans are true to their name, offering you maximum ease of use. So, you when you find that sales are high and you have excess business income, you can use it to make a part-prepayment towards your loan without any charge. If, due to last-minute requirements or late payments down the line, you need to re-avail the prepaid amount, you can do that too without hesitation.

They have an easy, hassle-free online application

Time-consuming and tedious loan applications add to your stress rather than relieving it with easy access to finance. To tackle this, Flexi Business Loans have a simple and easy online application. Fill the online application form and submit a few documents like business proof, bank account statements and the last two years’ audited financial documents to complete your application quickly. You can be rest assured that your loan will be approved and disbursed within 24 hours without the need for visiting a branch or wasting time.

It is a combination of these benefits that make Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Business Loans the most convenient avenue for business funds. Since you can use the loan amount without restriction, it gives you full autonomy to lead your business into its next growth phase.

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